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PRODUCT DETAILS Raven (PDI) 01 Inner Barrel (Tokyo Marui PX4 / 90mm)

Raven (PDI) 01 Inner Barrel (Tokyo Marui PX4 / 90mm)

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Product Code: RAVEN-648013
Length: 90 mm
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Though still few and far between, field reports of the PX4 in action point out the latest generation Tokyo Marui pistol holds up the TM tradition of the magical hop-up unit with this new comer nailing shots out to 30m.

As with the reputation of TM hop-ups, the moment you open up the pistol its magic tough can go awry if you do not know exactly what you are doing; preserving the TM hop-up effect is masterful stuff.

That said, should you feel the need to throw modifications in your PX4 then a 6.01mm tightbore barrel should probably be towards the top of your list.

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