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PRODUCT DETAILS Socom Gear Short Barrel for M82A1 (for Version 2)

Socom Gear Short Barrel for M82A1 (for Version 2)

Product Brand:

Socom Gear

Product Code: SOG-SBRL-M82
Length: 0 mm
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Unit Price: USD$188.00

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For owners who were fortunate enough to purchase one of the limited edition Socom Gear licensed Barrett M82 AEG rifle, you can increase the versatility of your prized rifle with this shorter barrel. If you have gotten over the initial thrill of scaring your opponents with a massively long barrel, you can now opt for a shorter and more portable barrel that will give your aching muscles a break! Full aluminum construction and easy to install.

And yes as pointed out by some of our fans, the barrel does look a bit like an adult toy!