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PRODUCT DETAILS James Polyfoam Dummy Skull Head (Clearance)

James Polyfoam Dummy Skull Head (Clearance)

Product Brand: James
Product Code: JAM349
Length: 300 mm
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Unit Price: USD$12.00
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Remember Mr. Head? Now we have a new one, but this time from James, presenting Mr. Head II - James Polyfoam Dummy Skull Head

Made from polystyrene again, this nice-looking guy can help you hold your helmets, hats, but since this chap doesn't have a nose, nor ears, you cannot really put your glasses nor throat mics on there. A good idea for displaying your helmets at home, but not a good idea to practice massage. White and plain as he might seems to be, but don't forget you can draw his eyes for him. To say the least, he looks wild ~~~~~~

Warm reminder: if you don't need this dude, please recycle it!

Fire hazard: Do NOT burn this dude. Polystyrene is classified according to DIN4102 as a "B3" product, meaning it's highly flammable or "easily ignited".

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