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PRODUCT DETAILS G&G Multifuctional Electronic Target (Single)

G&G Multifuctional Electronic Target (Single)

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Product Code: G-11-058
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The M.E.T. Unit, also known as the Multifunctional Electronic Target is a new generation target system that works for people who wish to do something different each and every single time when it comes to target practice.

You can link it up to 25 targets with a 15 meter maximum wiring distance between targets. The Unit must be placed with the rounded ball facing upward at a maximum 45 degree angle. Placing it horizontally or upside down will cause it to repeatedly flash red which is the error signal. A flashing red light also means it's low on power.

Speaking about flashing lights, it has visual and sound effects. The Blue light indicates that it's in Stand By mode and when you hit it, it shows a single red light with an audio "CRASH" (sounds of glass shattering) sound which is a very nice touch. If you have many targets linked together, the first target hit will be the master target proving that it can adapt to your place style or change.

It is very sensitive as anything from 0.2 to 2 Joules (140 - 465 fps) will set it off. It's shape shows that it has a 360 degree targeting surface but you still have to place it down properly for it to work.

Happy Hunting!

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