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PRODUCT DETAILS ARTS Airsoft Steel Target System (Type 2)

ARTS Airsoft Steel Target System (Type 2)

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ARTS Airsoft

Product Code: TARGET-003
Length: 0 mm
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Ever feel like challenging yourself with targets repeatedly rather than shooting fizzy drinks and then replacing for more fizzy drinks? This is a rather nifty target system you'll find rather interesting.

It comes as one entire row of 4. They are spread apart so you know which target to aim for It's all within this white plastic box container with a metal frame at the back so it keeps the BBs inside the system.

How it works is very simple. You shoot one down, it'll pop up beneath and if you shoot that it'll pop back up at the top, so long as the power is sufficient enough to do so. One could make a game out of this with one and one!

Nifty, right?

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