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PRODUCT DETAILS ARTS Airsoft Steel Target System (Type 1)

ARTS Airsoft Steel Target System (Type 1)

Product Brand:

ARTS Airsoft

Product Code: TARGET-002
Length: 400 mm
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Unit Price: USD$29.99

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Ever feel like challenging yourself with targets repeatedly rather than shooting fizzy drinks and then replacing for more fizzy drinks? This is a rather nifty target system you'll find rather interesting.

It comes as one entire set with 2 rows. The first row has four 2x2 inch targets in a line closer together with a gap in the middle. The last row only has one target right in the middle. It's all within this white plastic box container with a metal frame at the back so it keeps the BBs inside the system.

However, there is a technique to shooting these down so yo don't have to walk to the target to fix them again. No matter what order you designate your targets, the one in the middle has to be the last target down. Reason being is that once the rest are down and you shoot this target, it'll force its way back with enough force to trigger a spring system to bounce the ones in front back up. The target at the back will stay up too!

Nifty, right?

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