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PRODUCT DETAILS RWA Agency Arms Legacy 17 Slide Set (Cerakote Agency Grey)

RWA Agency Arms Legacy 17 Slide Set (Cerakote Agency Grey)

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"I can't say anything other than how the RWA Agency Arms Urban Combat Kit is one of the nicest, best functioning upgrades for a TM G17 I've ever had the pleasure of working with." - Airsoft International Volume 11 Issue 12

"... but the Urban Combat kit is so precise and well balanced we even got a satisfactory performance out of it on lowly 144a gas... IN WINTER... IN THE UK! Now that is efficient if you ask me!" - Airsoft International Volume 11 Issue 12

The Agency Arms Legacy (aka Bonesaw for real steel) pistol takes customization to a whole different level. The cuts and serrations are there to reduce weight and increase shooter manipulation. The Flat faced trigger is smooth, the pull is already short stroked and the reset, crisp. The framework is intelligently stippled and has curves in all the right places. Altogether, make for an amazing shooting experience.

The story behind the Legacy slide set is: ?The Father of Michael Parks (Co-Owner of Agency Arms) handed down his personal Glock 21C to Michael as a gift after he retired from the police force. Michael wanted to add a bit of his own history to it and hopefully someday pass the pistol down to his own child, so he had his partner Randy Niswander (Co-Owner/ R&D of Agency Arms) design a custom slide for him. That was how the Legacy Slide design was born. During the design process, RWA asked Michael if there were anything specifics he?d like his slide to have different from the standard Urban Combat. He wanted this slide to be more focused on performance; therefore the Legacy slide utilizes the model 17 blowback housing and not have the RMR cut.

When the prototype airsoft slide was made, Michael and Randy didn?t have a name for the slide yet, hence it was temporary named as the Legacy slide. The design was later sold to Reactive Gunwork as an exclusive design and named Bonesaw.'

RWA fully replicate the Agency Arms Legacy Slide as they hold the licensing rights to recreate the Airsoft version of the Legacy in every manner possible. Agency Arms offered help to design the Airsoft replica, making sure that every cut and groove is exactly what you would find on the real one. This means that the RWA set will include the most realistic looking Slide, trigger, magwell and stainless steel Outer barrel, on the market. Once you do buy this set, you'll receive a membership card with your own unique number which is fully recognized by Agency Arms giving you the title, of Agent.

This set is designed for the Airsoft Surgeon Agency Arms Lower, but will fit on Tokyo Marui/ WE Model 17 frame.

All apart arrive in a beautiful triangular shaped box with the Agency Arms logo as the cover. Slide out the front panel and you'll notice the membership card. Lift up the card and all the parts should be in place. It comes with a CNC 6063-T3 grade aluminium slide,standard sights, adjustable trigger and magwell and the stainless steel outer barrel which look absolutely stunning. Those are the external parts. Internally, it should also come with a recoil spring and recoil spring guide.

It fits on a Marui and WE model 17 lower frame. with some slight modifications to the WE frame but should have no problem with the Marui frame.

Every cut on the slide is as deep as you'd find on the real version and features an American flag engraving on top of the slide set.

One of the most impressive things about this is the look of the outer barrel. The material may not be the exact same as the real steel version but the final outcome is very impressive. Now for the trigger, which you have to put it together with the original parts of the Marui/ WE version but switching out the trigger and its safety. Once put together, just remove the slide and you?ll find a screw behind the trigger. Turn that ever so slightly and you?ll eventually have no slack with an amazing trigger response.

At the base is the low profile magwell. This only helps with magazine changes but it goes very well with the rest of the model. Altogether, it is a thing of beauty. You will fit a Marui magazine, inner barrel and chamber so the FPS should be the same and is still very accurate. You can also insert a WE or APS CO2 magazine for extra kick and a boost in FPS.

Items included:
  • 1x RWA Agency Arms Legacy Slide Set
  • Recoil Spring
  • Trigger Set
  • Front and Rear Sight Set
  • Dummy Extractor Set
  • Blowback Housing and Nozzle

    *This Legacy slide set will also fit KJ model 17, drop in fitment, very smooth and strong blowback, perfect for those who love using Co2. Product Code: KP-17

    **This slide set differs to the standard black slide set with a dedicated Agency Grey Cerakote finishing that adds a little contrast to the gun and better scratch resistance.

    Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed.

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