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PRODUCT DETAILS Airsoft Surgeon 6 Inch Limcat (Two Tone) Slide & Frame for Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 (Limited Edition)

Airsoft Surgeon 6 Inch Limcat (Two Tone) Slide & Frame for Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 (Limited Edition)

Product Brand: Airsoft Surgeon
Product Code: AS-HCMS-027-BS
Length: 230 mm
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Unit Price: USD$595.00

Out of Stock


Airsoft Surgeon Limcat Custom Wildcat set; includes upper frame, slide, compensator, long outer barrel and spring guide. CNC machined from Aluminium, the choice material for the strength, weight, durability and style balance for Airsoft raceguns.

In glorious wildcat style, the design is draped in tiger-stripe-esque partial slash / stripes for a nice mix of the exotic with the formal for a sort of hotrod look. The compensator straddles the long outer barrel allowing for a six inch barrel setup.

No iron sights are included but there are slots for iron sights if you wish to add any. Typically pistols like this use red dot sights but the rear sight is handy for adding a cocking handle. That said, some prefer the honest down-to-earth nature of iron sights.

With 2011 markings on the frame, this is indeed a M2011 style design; compatible with the Tokyo Marui Hicapa gas blowback pistols, this set gives you that first step in turning your stock hicapa into a racegun.

The Airsoft Surgeon lineup offers a variety of Limcat and Wildcat sets so be sure to poke around the website to see if there are any particular variants you may prefer over the others.

Only 12 pieces have been made globally so this is a super exclusive piece of work!

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