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PRODUCT DETAILS PTS Rainier Arms Charging Handle for KWA LM4 GBB

PTS Rainier Arms Charging Handle for KWA LM4 GBB

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A very unique style Charging handle by Magpul PTS, always stepping it up a notch everything single time. It's meant for the KWA/PTS LM4 out there and is completely made out of metal.

This is how you would replace the original charging handle:

1) Full and release charging handle as if charging the airsoft weapon and set it to single fire mode.

2) Release rear locking pin to separate upper and lower receiver. Only 1 pin needs to be released, hinge open upper and lower receiver.

3) Pull out airsoft bolt with charging handle (Note charging handle position with airsoft bolt during removal)

4)Place the Rainier Arms Ambidextrous Charging Handle in the same position above and the airsoft bolt and insert the combined parts into the upper receiver.

5) Close upper and lower receiver and replace the locking pin in locked position.


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