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PRODUCT DETAILS Prime CNC Upper and Lower Receiver for PTW M4- K-E3

Prime CNC Upper and Lower Receiver for PTW M4- K-E3

Product Brand:


Product Code: LAP-PTW-017
Length: 240 mm
Unit Price: USD$492.00



Beautiful E3 Upper and lower receiver for Systema PTW M4 series, CNC proccessed with beautiful and real trademark engravings on it. It's good to use this for decorating your PTW M4 with this high-quality stuff! * Limited Production.

Prime produces yet another superb receiver set, this time as the much awaited E3 PTW upper and lower receiver. Completely CNC milled, this E3 receiver set looks and feels absolutely stunning, complete with a clear and large markings, fire selection icons, and unique serial codes engraved into the body. With all the edges chamfered and the anodized finishing been polished down so smoothly it will feel as though you are caressing your lover each and every time you pick this baby up!

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