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PRODUCT DETAILS Madbull Spike's Tactical M4 Metal Body Ver.2 (with Ultimate Hop Up Unit)

Madbull Spike's Tactical M4 Metal Body Ver.2 (with Ultimate Hop Up Unit)

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Product Code: MB-MB-STV2
Length: 250 mm
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Madbull has released their next generation Metal Bodies - a perfect addition to their impressive lineup of high quality upgrade parts. The newest generation metal bodies are CNC machined from aluminum with officially licensed trademarks just like the earlier versions but with new features. The new Madbull metal bodies have been redesigned to fit the needs of today's airsoft player by having a shortened stock tube so you can run buffer tubes specifically made for lipo batteries. They also feature self retaining pins so the pins never have to leave the body to prevent misplacement or lost during combat.

Unlike the previous version that uses the older 2 pin CA style at the rear of the upper receiver, it uses a more updated G&P style upper receiver so it is connected a lot more securely with the lower receiver and reduces upper and lower receiver play. Just like the earlier versions, the Madbull Ultimate Hop Up chamber is also included with the body.

Package includes: Metal Body, Madbull Ultimate Hop Up unit, Hardware


  • Shortened stock tube
  • Self retaining pins
  • Reduced upper and lower receiver play
  • Matt Black Paint
  • Lightweight
  • CNC Machined
  • Fully Licensed Trademarks

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