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PRODUCT DETAILS G&P Seal Skull Metal Receiver (Black)

G&P Seal Skull Metal Receiver (Black)

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Product Code: GP-MEB008BK
Length: 225 mm
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The famous SEAL Team Six (now DEVGRU) is a counter-terrorism unit formed to answer the needs of growing threats of terrorism and urban crisis dated back in 80's. All Team 6 members are well prepared for rapid response with highly trained and efficient CQB tactics and equipments. of the excitement in playing airsoft game is you can re-create everything including tactics, scenario, or equipments as seen in real war (mostly I will prefer to say......). If you are planning to prepare a game simulating the operation of SEAL Team Six, then you can now step closer by picking up the Seal Skull Metal Body released by G&P. They previously released the Seal Skull Metal Body Pro Kit coming with pre-made SR15 gearbox, and now a stand alone case is coming to market which offers greatest flexibility for those airsoft enthusiasts.

This metal body is fully compatible with Marui M4/M16 AEG series, and comes complete with metal hop-up chamber and rubber, as well as ejection port cover, receiver pin, and forward assistance knob. So what are you waiting for, ST6 soldiers!!

Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed.