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PRODUCT DETAILS G&P Precision Screwdriver Set (P/S) (5 Pcs) (New Year Sale)

G&P Precision Screwdriver Set (P/S) (5 Pcs) (New Year Sale)

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G&P have now come out with some maintenance equipment to help you when it comes to customization. These screwdrivers are all of a small size and would fit on a removable screwdriver. They are already on their handles and can be removed if you wish to switch the screw head with something else. However, the handles do have a engraving on them which symbolizes what kind of screwdriver they are. The set always comes with a stand with 5 slots for the screwdrivers. Very handy if you ask me!

There are:
  • 2 sizes of Phillips Screws
  • 2 sizes of Slotted Screws
  • One Torx screw.

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