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PRODUCT DETAILS King Arms Pistol Laser/Light Mount for M1911

King Arms Pistol Laser/Light Mount for M1911

Product Brand:

King Arms

Product Code: KA-PM-01
Length: 75 mm
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Unit Price: USD$16.15

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This compact, lightweight, high strength polymer frame fits on to the lower facet of the frame of your 1911, hugging the curve of the front half of the trigger guard. Simply, it adds a proper full sized accessory rail to your otherwise rail-less pistol.

This will readily fit Marui and WA 1911s out of the box, as well as Marui and WA MEUs. It will also fit other brand 1911s although some minor filing on some corners of this attachment may be needed, instructions are included with the accessory with details. This attachment also comes with a small metal plate that can be added between the trigger guard and the attachment to create a tighter fit if need be.

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