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PRODUCT DETAILS MIC Titanium 1911 Grip Cover (Red) (Clearance)

MIC Titanium 1911 Grip Cover (Red) (Clearance)

Product Brand: MIC
Product Code: MIC083
Length: 105 mm
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Two metal grip panels with rubber washers included for installation (using the screws your already have on your pistol). Fits Tokyo Marui and WE 1911 gas blowback pistols. These grips are available in different colors.

The metal plates incorporate recesses which have been filled with grip tape. The tape sits flush in the surface of the plates. The metal panels ensure superior resistance to wear and tear than plastic or wood panels whilst the grip tape offsets the naturally slippery material with grip properties superior to smoother or plainer plastic and wood grips.

We would just like to clarify that the "silver" color denotes that the metal panels have a lighter color with the "metal" panel offering a more metallic steel color with a mildly polished and slight shine finish.