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PRODUCT DETAILS Magpul PTS Masada Polymer Hand Guard (Real Size / Black)

Magpul PTS Masada Polymer Hand Guard (Real Size / Black)

Product Brand:

Magpul PTS

Product Code: PT047450307
Length: 276 mm
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Unit Price: USD$40.00

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The full sized original fore end handguard that comes with the original basic model Magpul PTS Masada. As you would expect, it is available in the various Magpul PTS Masada colors.

Maybe your existing one is damaged, maybe you have the RAS version and wand to switch back to the basic or maybe you want to mix and match the colors to go for a dual color rifle.

Whatever the specifics, the main point is that one by one each major component part for the Magpul PTS Masada is becoming available for individual sale to help open up the after market work options for your weapon system.

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