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PRODUCT DETAILS Magpul PTS MOE Hand Guard (Rifle Length / FG) (Summer Sale)

Magpul PTS MOE Hand Guard (Rifle Length / FG) (Summer Sale)

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Magpul PTS

Product Code: PT056450321
Length: 320 mm
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The Magpul PTS MOE hand guard is a front kit designed for the M4 carbine and will fit on both AEG and GBB M4s provided they are standard front end compatible. The kit is all polymer with and upper and separable lower, the design allows for high rigidity and strength but low weight and immunity to rusting. Magpul PTS provides their models in various colors.

The Magpul PTS hand guard length system works in bands as defined by the length between the delta ring and front fixed iron sight on your M4 carbine:

- Carbine = 6 3/16 Inches
- Mid Length = 8 3/16 Inches
- Rifle = 11 1/2 Inches

The length options are tuned to a specific length so as to ensure a snug fit on your carbine. -

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