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PRODUCT DETAILS G&P I.A. Grip (Slim / Sand)

G&P I.A. Grip (Slim / Sand)

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Product Code: GP-COP001S
Length: 120 mm
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The G&P I.A. slim grip is almost identical to the G&P I.A. Grip (GP950S) except that the ergonomics on the newer version are a little different. The newer slim grip is the same except it is slimmer; not much but ever so slightly thinner making it a slimmer fit in the hand

Just like the original model, this grip is an ergonomic grip with several improvements over the standard milspec grip. The most obvious are the grooves for the fingers with textured patterns at the bottom but less obvious is the increased curve at the rear of the grip to conform to your hand and the more vertical sweep for the hand between your thumb and index finger.

The G&P I.A. slim grip for the AEG has lines to simulate interchangeable panels (not actually interchangeable) where the real steel version would. In this instance, the panels cannot be made removable due to the need to house a motor for the version 2 gearbox.

This model fits standard system AR / M4 / M16 family AEG receivers.