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PRODUCT DETAILS TMC M83 Smoke Grenade Dummy

TMC M83 Smoke Grenade Dummy

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A model replica of the M83 Smoke Grenade, TMC brings us their homage to the design with their dummy model. It does nothing other than sit there looking pretty making it a cheap and safe model for taking up space while looking the part. Its realistic design and markings go a long way in establishing a very professional look about this model.

Vests with grenade pouches help round out that look but not everyone uses grenades in Airsoft due to practical limitations or cost. Gas charger grenades are cheaper then active ones and double as a mobile gas-recharge device but as they are still gas reservoirs with valves there is still some expense and risk of damage.

A purely non-functional model like this can sit in a pouch and do a great job looking the part but has no fragile valves or significant cost. Equally, it works as a nice general purpose non-functional prop for video, stage or photoshoot or even a paper weight. This great looking piece is significantly cheaper and infinitely safer then any and all other functional equivalents.

This product is a hollow steel housing with a screw-on cap and removable lever and pin with ring. The pin can be pulled, the lever is not spring released but it can swing off which leads to nothing but a very photogenic prop.

This product is a DUMMY model made specifically for collectors, enthusiasts and display use only.

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