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PRODUCT DETAILS TMC M18 Smoke Grenade B.B. Can (Green)

TMC M18 Smoke Grenade B.B. Can (Green)

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Product Code: TMC0571-GREEN
Length: 150 mm
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Designed to imitate ht M18 smoke grenade, this does a great job at mimicking its outward appearance right down to the raised rims, spoon lever markings and even a realistic ring-pin pull. Of course it is just a dummy, pulling the pin allows removal of the lever but with no spring action or any kind of detonation system it is nothing more then a metal can.

A simple steel can with rubber O-ring plug cap, the 50 x 107 mm interior space is completely hollow and can be used to store anything you want. Small, hard things like BBs or keys will jangle around inside but something softer or larger like rolled up gloves or a map would do nicely.

Vests covered in grenade rings and pouches can look strange when empty and while there are effective Airsoft grenades out there not everyone chooses to carry any at all let alone more then one or two. Dummy grenades are a nice choice for filling out that loadout to look more realistic without the expense or hassle of using functional devices. Whether for Airsoft or theatrical use, a cheap and robust prop that looks the part without the hassle of fiddly handling protocols.

Different variants are available with different colored end caps to replicate the color coded smoke types (not that it makes a difference here). The main body is Olive Drab in color, each grenade also comes with a full body sticker with appropriate markings for that model.

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