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TMC Dummy M26 Grenade

Product Brand: TMC
Product Code: TMC0597
Length: 100 mm
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Unit Price: USD$15.00

Out of Stock


Purely for the sake of showing off; whether its to flesh out your Airsoft loadouts aesthetics, a flashy display case or even for theatrical or filming use, the TMX dummy grenade is a compact, decent weight true dummy grenade that is quite literally nothing more then a very convincing looking solid block of material.

Not even a BB bottle or gas charger, this piece can be wielded without the rattle of ammo, the hollow feeling of an empty bottle or the anxiety of carrying around a somewhat more delicate set of gas charger valves. This model is a simple dummy that has a hinged lever and removable pin; the whole upper detonator assembly can be unscrewed to reveal the screw from the main body beneath. The M26 was the standard model fragmentation grenade as used by American armed forces from the 1950s to the 1970s.

Makes for an interesting paper weight, thats for sure.