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PRODUCT DETAILS Escort M26A1 Gas Grenade

Escort M26A1 Gas Grenade

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Product Code: ESC-M26A1-GASGRD
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Gas ( HFC134a Gas) powered M26A1 grenade, constructed by ABS plastic. Holds 28rd 6mm BBs or 9rds 8mm BBs. Pull out the firing pin, grab onto the release lever and throw the grenade away from you onto the ground. When the grenade impacts the ground and the release lever flies off and away from the grenade, gas pressure is released to expel the BBs out from the bottom of the grenade in all directions as the grenade bounces and spins on impact. An interesting way to kill off your skirmish opponents! PRE-ORDER on our returning stock by mid-June. Limited quantities available on these hot grenades!

Remember to stock up on TOP GAS from our GAS section. HFC134 works but for maximum dispersion, use the more powerful TOP GAS (or HFC22 gas).
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