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Red Gas - ET1600

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Product Code: OA-RG-1600
Length: 0 mm
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Red Gas should only be used in Gas guns indicated as such on the products pages. Using HFC22 or higher in a gun rated for HFC134a may cause permanent damage.

Please take note that very few airsoft guns are capable of handling this high powered gas and only some highly modified models can take Red Gas - Steel Reinforced WA Infnity Pistols, Gas Powered Custom M40A1 rifles, and the INOKATSU M4 GBB Rifles.

On average, 1 canister is capable of powering approximately 1500 rounds. Due to Airline regulations prohibiting the carrying of compressed air on-board, gas is shipped via surface mail only.

NOTE : Gas is shipped separately by surface mail than the rest of your order. Airlines prohibit shipping of gas and therefore we are forced to ship by surface mail. You should expect shipping time to take between 8 - 10 weeks.
Note that gas is shipped to you via surface mail since express mail regulations prohibit shipping gas by air. Surface mail will take 8-10 weeks. Cost of surface mail shipping is automatically accounted for when you check out this item. If you select express mail, we will still only be able to ship this via surface mail.

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