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PRODUCT DETAILS Airsoft Surgeon Energy Booster for (WA) Western Arms / G&P / INOKATSU / AGM / Golden Eagle Gas BlowBack M4 Series

Airsoft Surgeon Energy Booster for (WA) Western Arms / G&P / INOKATSU / AGM / Golden Eagle Gas BlowBack M4 Series

Product Brand: Airsoft Surgeon
Product Code: AS-ACC-PT018
Length: 0 mm
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Unit Price: USD$18.00

Out of Stock


Probably the best value for money in our entire webstore - a part that can get you up to 30% (more on longer barreled gas M4's) for less than $20! Can't believe your eyes? Airsoft Surgeon delivers yet another ground breaking upgrade valve that maximizes the potential of your WA platform based M4 gas blowback rifle.

Not sure why your Gas Blowback Rifle doesn't shoot properly? Can't seem to fix the problem? Well here's a solution for you, straight from the one and only Airsoft Surgeon himself! Considering the amount of power increase you get for the relatively low price you pay for this booster kit, it's the deal of the century!

Seriously though, the Airsoft Surgeon Energy Booster is a replacement floating valve that you place inside your loading nozzle. The Airsoft Surgeon Energy Booster effectively reduces the internal air resistance and provides a higher power output by removing the internal O-ring, this design also keeps your fps output very consistent.

The Airsoft Surgeon Energy Booster is capable of increasing your fps output by up to 30%. For example, on a Golden Eagle M4 (which by nature is not as efficient as a WA or G&P), we were still able to increase the power from 340fps to 390fps simply by installing this booster valve!! Get immediate power increase quickly and safely without compromising the other parts of your gun. Couple this booster product together with a PDI 6.01mm inner barrel and you can stand to almost double the power of your gas blowback M4! Such combinations can easily generate close to 500fps of reliable and consistent power!

Best of all, this Airsoft Surgeon Booster does not add any wear and tear on your gas blowback rifle. The concept is simple - using computer simulations, Airsoft Surgeon was able to maximize the gas flow to deliver maximum accelerative pressure to your BB for maximum velocity. Think of it as a ported and tuned exhaust system for your car, which generates more horsepower by simply optimizing the existing system. Installs in 5 minutes and you are ready to deliver greater range and harder hitting punch!

Please note that all aftermarket products may require professional installation. For increased compatibility, please use consistent aftermarket branded parts, or consult your local gunsmith.

Watch our video installation guide for this product to install this yourself!

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