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PRODUCT DETAILS Emerson Sidewinder Flashlight EM8447

Emerson Sidewinder Flashlight EM8447

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Product Code: EM8447
Length: 120 mm
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Looking much the real thing, the replica has the same functions as the real deal. It is not easily broken as it has a tough nylon shell and a scratch resistant lens. Screwed to the side of it is a clip that can attach itself to any belt or molle and can also attach to a helmet.

It takes 2 AA batteries or lithium batteries for longer life which are housed inside at the back of the flashlight. The back is attached to a wire so you can't lose the base if you somehow lose grip of the flashlight.

The rounded switch has 4 differently functions. You have the regular LED light that has 4 different light intensity settings depending on how long you press the button. If you press it twice in rapid succession, the light will start flashing. You also have the red, blue and IR LED light but only comes in one intensity.

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