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PRODUCT DETAILS Asura Dynamics Tactical Flash Light for Assault Shield

Asura Dynamics Tactical Flash Light for Assault Shield

Product Brand: Asura Dynamics
Product Code: AD-AK-005
Length: 300 mm
Unit Price: USD$260.00

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In Airsoft, having a shield may seem like unfair play to some, as it enables the equipped party to essentially not call their hits. But that's exactly what real ballistic and bulletproof shields are designed for. now you can take that edge further with an array of 5 High Powered, high lumen spotlights to simultaneously illuminate and reveal your opponent while disorienting him and stopping him from making an accurate shot due to the blinding wash of purifying light.

- Metal Construction
- 5 LED Array
- Internal battery (Tamiya plug, 11.1v or 7.4v)
- Powerful Floodlight

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