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PRODUCT DETAILS Magpul PTS Battle Comp 1.0 Flash Hider - CW

Magpul PTS Battle Comp 1.0 Flash Hider - CW

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Magpul PTS

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The classic. The PTS BattleComp 1.0 is an accurate reproduction of the original BattleComp 1.0, and is available in clockwise and counter-clockwise 14mm threading.

BattleComp was born to meet a void in the industry. The brainchild of a law enforcement officer and an engineer, they saw that all the popular muzzle devices excelled in some ways but often compromised in others: The flash suppressors provide no recoil reduction. The muzzle brakes are unsuited for team, hallway, or any real serious defensive use because they beat up your teammates/family members. The devices that project muzzle blast forward have negatives in that they either weigh a huge amount, effecting target to target movement in a multiple target scenario, or they provide no recoil compensation.

Thus was born BattleComp: a compensator for everyman. The BattleComp is the nexus of recoil reduction, muzzle climb reduction and reasonable cost that allows anyone to effectively utilize the AR-15 platform to its ultimate purpose: allowing faster placement of lead on a target with almost NO negative consequences..

It is the muzzle brake designed for the tactical end-user, by tactical end-users..

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