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PRODUCT DETAILS AABB 1911 / Marui MEU Carbine Conversion Kit (Darth Earth)

AABB 1911 / Marui MEU Carbine Conversion Kit (Darth Earth)

Product Brand:


Product Code: AB115-DE
Length: 410 mm
Unit Price: USD$45.00



German manufacturer HERA Arms originally made a carbine kit for the real steel Glock 17/18 series pistol and not so long ago they also produced a later model for the Colt M1911. Although not automatic, the real steel 1911 is chambered in the .classic 45 ACP round and 1911 long magazines are available. The kit helps to stabilize and control the weapon and bless it with more power out of a longer barrel. The result is a .45 semi-auto lightweight, high performance carbine based on an internal system with some of the easiest parts to find in the Western world.

Inspired by the quirky eccentric design, AABB have brought us a carbine kit for the Marui 1911 / MEU series gas blowback pistol. This kit incorporates a one-piece high strength polymer body with metal rails including an enormous 30cm / 12 inch top rail and three more rails on the fore end each more then 13cm / 5 inches long. The kit enclosed around the 1911 frame by replacing the grip panels in lieu of its own which are integrated with the polymer body resulting in an incredibly solid overall weapon.

If you where to extend the barrel, your 1911 could go up to a 230mm / 9 inch barrel and still end just inside the kits full length. With a threaded barrel, you could stick on a silencer and end up with a full carbine or rifle length inner barrel.

The real steel design forgoes a stock completely to circumvent various gun laws around the world as in many countries adding a stock to a pistol, among other things, makes it an assault weapon which is restricted through a whole other level of laws, paperwork and licensing. By keeping the kit plain, installing a 1911 into it still legally results in a (large) pistol. That said, the rails and stock-tube-port at the rear means you can install rail attach accessories (14mm Picatinny) and even install an M4 series stock tube (not included) to the rear to add on any M4 compatible stock of your choice (not included).

With a full kit installed, you now have a weapon that can take stocks, vertical grips, optics, laser, flashlight and even grenade launchers with all the performance of a gas weapon that is built around the ubiquitous Marui 1911 system. With a longer barrel it would be significantly more powerful then a 1911 sidearm whilst running on the very exact same magazines which means you could potentially be running around a CQB game with a 330+ FPS main weapon and your 280-300 fps 1911 / MEU sidearm which both run on the very same magazines.

Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed.