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PRODUCT DETAILS Laylax Satellite BB checker (Chronograph) (Clearance)

Laylax Satellite BB checker (Chronograph) (Clearance)

Product Brand: Laylax
Product Code: SAT-4582109585153
Length: 0 mm
Unit Price: USD$162.99
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A light-weight, ultra-compact chronograph by the Japanese airsoft accessories manufacturer Laylax. This chronograph is composed of two separated components (sensor unit and display unit) for operation fitness. 14mm clockwise thread on the sensor allows firm attachment to the barrel tip. With a Clockwise-to-anticlockwise thread adaptor, there is no worry about the barrel thread direction. Rails on the two units allow the whole system to integrate itself into one single piece for convenient storage and transfer. Data cable connecting the units is stored inside the rail pit, you will be surprised by the tidy arrangement in such a small system!

The functionality is complete. Basic measurements like BB velocity (m/sec), cycle rate (shoot/sec), also don't forget to set the BB weight (fine-tuning possible at every 0.01g) so the system calculates the energy (J) automatically. 3 AA batteries (not included) as the power source.

Get the demo photo of I. Measurment configuration & II. LCD screen

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