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PRODUCT DETAILS Systema Quattro Multi-Voltage Battery Charger (Red / Rosso) - Limited Edition

Systema Quattro Multi-Voltage Battery Charger (Red / Rosso) - Limited Edition

Product Brand: Systema
Product Code: SYS-CH03-R
Length: 0 mm
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Unit Price: USD$228.00

Out of Stock


Did you know that a good charge will let your gun run faster and stronger? Don't underestimate the importance of a quality electrical charge! Innovative new technology from Systema brings this new fuzzy logic battery charger that automatically detects and charges up to 4 batteries in sequence! This multi-voltage charger is auto-detecting and works in countries with power supplies of 100v - 240v (which covers most of the world). Just plug it in and it knows! Built with 4 separate ports, the charger charges each battery in sequence. Auto-detecting logic determines the voltage and amperage of your battery, and charges your battery with optimum voltage. Plug 4 batteries in overnight and all 4 will be charged by morning. HIgh quality aircraft aluminum design with heat dissapating heat sync surface to keep things cool and safe! This is the smartest battery charger ever!! This special red version is limited to a couple hundred units worldwide!

For use with NI-Cd or Ni-MH Batteries
Compatible with 7.2v to 12v batteries.
Acceptable current between 100v to 240v AC.
Can sequentically charge up to 4 batteries.
Comes with standard 2-prong US/Japan style plug (for other countries, you can easily buy adapter plugs to accept this US/Japan style 2-prong plug)

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