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PRODUCT DETAILS Phoenix Super High Cycle Gear Set for Tokyo Marui AEG (Summer Sale)

Phoenix Super High Cycle Gear Set for Tokyo Marui AEG (Summer Sale)

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Product Code: PHNIX-1600
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- Shock absorbable design
AEG's in trouble cause a heavy impact to a piston and gear intermittently but shock absorbable designed the new High Protection gears will guarantee a long life amazingly.
- Perfect for a Piston
Non-trouble and completely smooth operation on over 300,000 rds 1J-shooting test with High-Protectrion gears mean how the gears is last long and prove perfect for the piston and bearing also. (clear over 100,000 rds shooting test on real one will accept as a real AEG's by MIL standard as well.) - Perfect for 6mm Bearing
Non-breakable 6mm bearing improve durability it will guarantee to smooth operation without any modification. besides,it is able to mount a "thrust bearing" on the Bevel Gear to reduce much less a turning resistance in motion and it makes super smooth rotation and long lasting as well.  

- Built-in automatic Shim adjustment
Until now,it required shim adjustment for custom gear to prevent loose/tight mesh with each other which cause not last long or poor battery life.However,High-protection gear with Automatic shim adjuster is another story that any customer from beginner to serious professional gamers can be easily assembled without messy work.

Spherical Involute designed Bevel gear makes superb quite operation Spherical Involute Bevel designed is parfect for AEG gear such as items in slightly off-setting the Bevel gear and Motor but it will fit eachother properly in correct position automatically then makes superb quite and smooth operation.

- Gears molded by Metal Injection Mold (MIM)
Reinforced steel gears molded by Metal Injection Mold (MIM) is so durable, extremely precise and light weight which hard to worn down and long lasting. compared to a popular version currently existing on the market. Most Hammers and Triggers used for a real gun is made by MIM method since the real gun required super reliablity and durability entirely. It is possible to make a gear featured ultra durability and superb precise in specification which far superior to a popular gear currently selling on the market.
Recommend to use MP100 / 110 spring for this gear set.

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