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PRODUCT DETAILS Systema ENERGY CMB M100 Complete Mechbox / Gearbox for XM177-E2 (Summer Sale)

Systema ENERGY CMB M100 Complete Mechbox / Gearbox for XM177-E2 (Summer Sale)

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Product Code: EN-GB16F-1J-2
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Complete ENERGY series gearbox with light weight carbon fiber components, new teflon coated gearbox. Carbon fiber material has been incorporated into the components for a lighter overall gearbox, which many players asked for given how today's full metal AEGs are getting heavier and heavier to carry around. Lighter parts also means less power required to start inertial motion, resulting in energy saving and longer play time between charges. And of course, less inertial resistance means that the same amount of energy can be used to power a higher tensile spring. New darker color coating on the gearbox clearly separates this series from the regular version. A lighter sector gear also generates less wear and tear on the motor gear.

Hole in cylinder designed to release extra unnecessary air so that the volume of air in the cylinder is matched to the length of the barrel for maximum accuracy and highest possible cycling rate of fire.

1J spring generates approximately 300fps of power.

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