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PRODUCT DETAILS Action 8mm Version 2 Gearbox for M4/M16 Series (M90 Spring) - Front Wiring

Action 8mm Version 2 Gearbox for M4/M16 Series (M90 Spring) - Front Wiring

Product Brand: Action
Product Code: A-CGB-281F
Length: 174 mm
Out of Stock
Unit Price: USD$74.36

Out of Stock


A lot of people spend their time on upgrading, downgrading and fixing their AEG's gearboxes to make sure they meet the requirements of their laws and most importantly, the requirements of the user themselves. Meddling with a gearbox can be tricky business but when it comes to ACTION. It's all about making make your life easier and making your adjustments count. ACTION have gone that one step further by bringing out an entire Version 2 Gearbox, warts and all!

Instead of having to open up the gearbox and upgrading it that way, they've gone and done that for you. It features a Zinc Alloy Complete Gearbox, 8mm ball bearing bushings, silicone wires, front wiring for AEGs with the battery in the fore grip, a one piece Cylinder and a M90 Spring (300 FPS) that comes with it. Talk about making things easier for yourself...

All is well and done but does this complete package actually do the job? Well the 8mm ball bearing bushings make the gearbox more efficient with a higher Rate Of Fire and the silicone wires give it an increase in electrical connectivity. Sounds like an energy saver if you ask me, but what about the power?

The 1 piece CNC Cylinder should say it all but for those that don't know, older V2 Gearboxes used to have 2 piece cylinders which most likely had possible air leakage therefore losing some power. In this case, it's all one solid piece making sure the power from the spring doesn't go to waste.

You'll definitely save some time and money with this package!

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