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PRODUCT DETAILS Systema ENERGY Spring Guide with Bearing for PSG-1

Systema ENERGY Spring Guide with Bearing for PSG-1

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This Spring Guide hails from SYSTEMA's ENERGY Collection series, and is enhanced with high quality thrust ball bearings. Designed to minimize the load on the motor caused by the spring torsion especially when compressing custom springs. A side effect of this ball bearing system actually resets the spring more effectively as well!

The new ENERGY Collection is manufactured ground up with state of the art technology from SYSTEMA, and is sure to provide an ehanced grouping when firing whilst delivering a much more stable level of power.

SYSTEMA Spring Guides may not be compatible with certain custom springs as the spring guide pushes the springs upwards very slightly and takes up alot of space. It is recommended to use SYSTEMA Springs with the SYSTEMA spring guide.

Please note that all aftermarket products may require professional installation. For increased compatibility, please use consistent aftermarket branded parts, or consult your local gunsmith.

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