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Tokyo Marui PSG-1

Product Brand: Tokyo Marui
Product Code: AEG015-TM
Weight: 4,300 g
Length: 1,208 mm
Capacity: 15 rds
Power: 285 fps
Motor: EG700
Battery Size: Small or Stick
Shooting Mode: SEMI
Unit Price: USD$498.00

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The ultimate sniper rifle, the PSG-1 fires only in single shot mode with a bolt assembly that blows back on each shot and contributes to realism. The PSG-1 is a little different than the other AEGs by Marui - the spring is fully compressed and ready to fire even before you pull the trigger, unlike other AEGs that compress the spring and fire the BB in one action after you pull the trigger. This adds to even greater realism since there is no delay.

Metal parts include the barrel, magazine, bolt, trigger, and firing selector. The PSG-1 comes standard with a high quality integrated TASCO 4X40 rifle scope and is able to accommodate AK style or 8.4V small battery in its fixed stock. The Tamiya style battery plug is a small type. Of course with the advent of LiPo batteries, you can also use a LiPo 7.2v battery for greater longevity. Fully adjustable stock and cheek-piece, and a functioning metal charging handle which needs to be cocked for the first shot (for realism); this is one beautiful rifle and no pictures can do it justice!

Comes with a threaded adapter to fit a Marui Tracer Unit. If you're yearning for a high-powered sniper weapon that pumps out well over 500 fps, then consider getting a power upgrade with the PSG-1 (which is a perfect platform for such a modification).

Disclaimer: This product is not manufactured by H&K and is manufactured by Tokyo Marui of Japan. This product is a toy only and is not a real firearm.

Consider opting for a PSG-1 bipod that mounts directly onto the rail underneath the front foregrip. Also consider getting a standard 70 round G3 magazine or a 500 round high capacity magazine. The PSG-1 is also a prime platform for high power upgrades to become a powerful sniper rifle. Check out our upgrade options.