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PRODUCT DETAILS Tokyo Marui EBB KP85 (Dual Tone)

Tokyo Marui EBB KP85 (Dual Tone)

Product Brand:

Tokyo Marui

Product Code: TM-EBB-KP85
Weight: 250 g
Length: 220 mm
Capacity: 17 rds
Power: 190 fps
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto
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Unit Price: USD$34.99

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Armed with 4 AAA alkaline batteries, this pistol makes having to struggle with pulling back the slide after each shot a thing of the past. Stick type magazine is removable and reloadable. Get semi-automatic action now!

Remember to buy 4 AAA alkaline batteries to operate this gun. Batteries are not included and each set will last approximately 100 - 120 rounds.

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