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PRODUCT DETAILS Tokyo Marui BOYS Series M4A1 Carbine

Tokyo Marui BOYS Series M4A1 Carbine

Product Brand:

Tokyo Marui

Product Code: TM-BOYS-M4
Weight: 1,000 g
Length: 652 mm
Capacity: 180 rds
Power: 190 fps
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
Unit Price: USD$69.00



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These entry-level M4A1's are 75% the size of full-size M4A1 AEGs. They are lots of fun to shoot in their full auto mode and feel very much like the more expensive full size AEGs from Tokyo Marui! Many great features found on the full-sized and more expensive AEGs are also found on this entry-level model, including a 4 position retractable stock (makes gun 652mm-724mm), metal front sling mount for sling attachment, removable magazine (holds 180 rounds), flip-open breech cover that reveals a hop-up adjustment lever, select-fire switch that toggles between semi-auto and full auto fire!! This mini-M4 AEG is lots of fun to shoot, with full auto fire delivering an impressive 10-15 rounds per second, just like the bigger full featured AEGs (though power is significantly less for recreational use). It also sounds like the much bigger AEGs, though just a bit quieter. Specially designed removeable magazine operates like a hi-cap magazine that allows each to hold 180 rounds of BBs! You can attach a standard 3-point tactical sling onto this AEG. Due to dimensional differences with its larger life size AEG siblings, these mini AEGs cannot take silencers, scopes and other accessories.

These mini AEGs cannot be upgraded in power due to their design. Mini-AEGs are designed for recreational use with light-weight 0.12g BBs. They are designed for beginners, young players, or for non-harmful plinking around the home or office!
Please remember to use 0.12g BBs only as designed for this gun. Using heavier BB's may cause jamming in barrel and cause permanent damage to this gun.

Spare removable 180 round magazine for Tokyo Marui Mini M4A1 EBB SAS 3 point Tactical Sling for M4 Tokyo Marui 0.12g EBB BBs 1800 rounds - find it in our BBs & TOOLS - BBs section

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