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PRODUCT DETAILS Systema PTW Professional Training Weapon M16A3 MAX3 Evolution (M130 Cylinder) (FREE SHIPPING)

Systema PTW Professional Training Weapon M16A3 MAX3 Evolution (M130 Cylinder) (FREE SHIPPING)

Product Brand:


Product Code: NM16A3-MAX3-E
Weight: 3,250 g
Length: 999 mm
Capacity: 120 rds
Power: 0 fps
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
Unit Price: USD$1900.00



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Systema releases its newest M16-A3 MAX3 EVOLUTION PTW (Personal Training Weapon), a full training weapon ready to be used! It has a Full Die casted and high strength (ADC-21) metal unmarked body and is suitable for the experienced operator.

The latest Systema Evolution PTWs are of EXACTLY the same dimensions as the real steel version in all respects. They weigh the same and feel EXACTLY the same. Designed for police and military training use, Systema's M4A1 airsoft rifle comes with an improved gearbox for greater reliability. Full metal body and components coupled with real steel spec stock, pistol grip, and foregrip makes the rifle very realistic in practical operations.

While Marui M16 magazines are in fact shorter than the real steel dimensions, Systema's Evolution PTWs comes with a 120 round magazine with exact same dimensions as the real thing. Detachable metal carrying handle with extendable stock to store the factory recommended Systema 9.6V battery [SYS-AEG-NM16-ACC05] or even a 11.1v LiPo (change of connector required).

This latest improved MAX3 EVOLUTION PTW from Systema includes:
  • Newly redesigned high performance 7511 type motor
  • highly robust Stainless steel cylinder case
  • Redesigned tapered inner barrel for additional accuracy
  • Revised and enlarged hop up roller for added shot stability
  • Now includes Magpul rear sight in place of carry handle
  • Includes Magpul trigger guard

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