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Smart Team Bizon AEG

Product Brand:

Smart Team

Product Code: ST-AEG-27
Weight: 2,800 g
Length: 740 mm
Capacity: 160 rds
Power: 0 fps
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$161.00

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The PP-19 Bizon ("Bison") is a 9mm submachine gun developed in the early 1990s at Izhmash by a team of engineers headed by Victor Kalashnikov (son of famed AK-47 designer Mikhail Kalashnikov). One of the Bizon's more unusual features is the magazine, which is often confused for a grenade launcher. The cylinder below the barrel is in fact a 64-round helical-feed magazine, similar to the type used in the American Calico M960 submachine gun. On this airsoft version, it is a 160 round mid-cap that doesn't require winding. This layout makes the weapon more compact and concealable. All cartridges are aligned nose forward in the Bizon magazine and cannot be loaded incorrectly.

The Smart Team Bizon is made out of Aluminium and plastic giving it quite a bit of heft. The stock can folded to the left side by pressing the button above the grip. The magazine placement may seem rather tricky as there are two hooks in front of the magazine that hook onto the underpart of the Bizon, then you can slip it in smoothly like an AK.

It does use a version 3 gearbox so you can expect the hop up to be where it usually is by pulling back the mock charging handle and sliding the the back for more hop. It does come with a 160 round Mid cap magazine which is strange as you would expect a lot more with that room, but it's not entirely a bad thing. At least you won't be hearing the the rattling one would get from a hi cap mag!

- FULL Aluminium components on the gun!
- V3 gearbox with 7mm ball bearing.
- Nylon fiber midcap magazine, 160 rounds.
- Skeleton stock.
- Realistic side rail size, that fits real Russian optics.

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