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PRODUCT DETAILS RWC Mega Arms Tactical - PTW (M130 Cylinder)

RWC Mega Arms Tactical - PTW (M130 Cylinder)

Product Brand:


Product Code: RWCGUM-EG-01-0021
Weight: 3,362 g
Length: 803 mm
Capacity: 60 rds
Power: 0 fps
Motor: 7511
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
Unit Price: USD$2455.00



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RWC are not strangers when it comes to making a custom PTW. It's almost become a hobby now and ever since the MEGA ARMS Upper and Lower receiver came out for the PTW, RWC took it upon themselves to design a Mega Arms, PTS hybrid with all sorts of interesting bits and bobs added to it. The PTW Max3, which is the model it's based on, has an ambidextrous fire selector, PTS stock and a smaller diameter Milspec size stock tube to fit any stock out there on the market for an M4 series!

Designed for police and military training purposes, the Systema PTW is the ultimate rifle for Airsoft lovers, and a demonstration of Systema's high level of commitment in product quality. Every part of the gun fits together perfectly, with precise aluminum die cast receiver you can feel the body's rigidity being much better than the regular AEG's in the market (like Classic Army, G&P, etc). This is more than just a toy! Real size, real weight and real balance. With all internal components tuned for extreme performance out of the box! Split design type gearbox allows you to swap in and out springs very quickly to change power levels. This M4 MAX3 Varient model shoots in semi and full auto! Capable of delivering in excess of 390fps of power which is truly amazing!

The MAX3 version of Systema Professional Training Weapon guns feature a whole a whole array of improvements over the older versions. The trigger reaction program has been changed in Micro Second increments to allow a crisp trigger response. The shorter stroke Trigger that the PTW mimics is much like the trigger travel of a real firearm.

Improved longevity of the and a smaller size FET, with a reduced power consumption, improving the efficient by three times, also allow fitting a 11.1v Lipo into the stock (thought it doesn't come with a battery so you'll have to buy that separately).

The bits and bobs I mentioned are the Rainier arms charging handle and flash hider which are necessary in adding to the immensely cool factor. RWC have also tossed in the RWA Fiber Optic Scope 1.5-6 x 24 - Red. This collection allows for a brilliant mid range AEG that will out-perform many AEGs out there you see on the field.