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PRODUCT DETAILS RWC M60A1 Full Steel Version

RWC M60A1 Full Steel Version

Product Brand:


Product Code: RWCGUM-EG-01-0018
Weight: 11,000 g
Length: 1,000 mm
Capacity: 1300 rds
Power: 0 fps
Motor: EG1000
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Full Auto
Unit Price: USD$2299.00



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An exclusive RWC Product! Here we have the M60A1. Sporting a complete Type 3 gearbox with proven components, this monster can shoot 320fps with a very high rate of fire. Just attach the barrel, insert a battery, connect the ammo pouch and start shooting! Includes a 1300rd MANUAL-winding magazine.

The M60A1 (sometimes referred to as the Stoner M60) is famed for being a gun used by the U.S. Military in the Vietnam War, and made famous by Sylvester Stallone in the Hollywood Blockbuster - Rambo (and it's various sequels).

This is a rock solid gun and feels like real-steel With a Steel body and aluminum barrel. The performance is really pleasing too, with a decent 320fps as standard. The internals allow upgrading by just changing the spring! Adjustable hop-up ensures you can dial in your most effective range. The rate of fire (cyclic) is around 1000 rounds per minute, and the adjustable hop-up gives incredible accuracy. The battery is easy to access too, with a simple push-button access flap on the butt stock. Includes an 1300 rounds magazine.

To put it short, this is another premier product by RWC. It is one smooth operator thanks to the V3 Mechbox, as it produces a stunningly smooth sound. The M60A1 is a real beauty, both physically and mechanically. The entire package weighs over 15Kg!!

Take a closer look at this beautiful machine gun: Muzzle | Mock Bullets | Right Side Battery Access Flap