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PRODUCT DETAILS LCT AIM Carbine AEG (New Version) (Super Holiday Sale)

LCT AIM Carbine AEG (New Version) (Super Holiday Sale)

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Weight: 3,200 g
Length: 675 mm
Capacity: 600 rds
Power: 380 fps
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$295.00
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When it comes to replicating AKs into the Airsoft form, LCT are one of the best in the business. One thing I should get out of the way is that the receiver is a centimeter than it should be, where the receiver meets the stock, as it has to make space for the actual gearbox, but a lot of AK AEGs are like that.

The AK AIM Carbine is a finely made AEG as it's made out of Aluminium, Steel and Real Wood to give its weight, which is around 3.2KG. LCT tried very hard to make the best replicas as there are parts that really show off its AK74 qualities. One thing to note is that this version isn't a Russian version and is most likely has a Romanian influence with a M4 style flash hider. The fore grip has been worked on to have vertical grip which blends with the actual fore grip. This one doesn't come with a stock and the magazine is a lot slimmer as it holds AK47 caliber bullets. The airsoft version's magazine holds 600 BBs. That's a LOT of BBs.

When it comes to taking it for a spin, it shoots very well. Around 20 meters from your target, you'd hit it very frequently. The hop up unit is very sensitive so we would suggest using 0.25g BBs to make up for it. The AIM Carbine is NOT a CQB weapon. It shoots at around 400 fps which is way too high but it's perfect for outdoor skirmishes. There is a reason why the Russians love these AKs and we can definitely see why in the LCT AKs.

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