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PRODUCT DETAILS King Arms AK47S Wood Version AEG

King Arms AK47S Wood Version AEG

Product Brand:

King Arms

Product Code: KA-AG-40-WO
Weight: 2,994 g
Length: 870 mm
Capacity: 900 rds
Power: 0 fps
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
Unit Price: USD$265.00



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Functionally identical to its Fixed stock sibling, the AK47-S sports a foldable stock that makes the gun much more versatile in CQB warfare. Cycling the metal charging handle is pure music.

Everything in back is made out of metal with real wood hand guard and stock. The metal sling mounts allow attachment of sling. Accommodates a stick battery in upper receiver (under a metal cover). One of the most accurate AEGs out of the box. For discerning collectors, you can opt for real wood grips for authenticity's sake. Metal flash hider screws off to reveal counter-clockwise 14mm thread for attachment of silencer (not included).

It's one of the most accurate AK AEGs out there and King Arms have done a great job on it. There could be some internal work to make it function flawlessly, though what out of the box gun doesn't get upgraded at some point?