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PRODUCT DETAILS ICS CXP16 L Metal AEG (Super Holiday Sale)

ICS CXP16 L Metal AEG (Super Holiday Sale)

Product Brand:


Product Code: ICS-238
Weight: 3,500 g
Length: 750 mm
Capacity: 450 rds
Power: 380 fps
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$384.00
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The ICS CXP16 L Metal AEG comes in both black and tan and is a very stylish AR indeed. It looks like a blend of the SIG and the AR platform and it works very well as it's not heavy enough to cause a strain on the user for longer skirmishes.

Most of it is comprised of metal as the ergonomic grip and crane stock is made out of plastic. On it is a very unique looking quad rail system where one could go crazy with accessories as there are so many options available. It comes with a QD suppressor which really adds to its looks.

What you currently find on the rails are adjustable front and rear battle sights. It also comes with a fore-grip which extends into a bipod with a press of a button. The 450 round hi cap magazine it comes with is more than enough to take you through a few games alone and allows space for a 7.4 lipo battery with tamiya connectors in the buttstock.

The bolt look alike itself seems very well made and rather realistic looking. When you pull the charging handle back, the hop up is revealed and you can adjust it accordingly. The power is decent at around 390 although that is a little extreme for CQB scenarios so we'd suggest that you take this outdoors instead.