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G&P Stubby Killer

Product Brand: G&P
Product Code: GP629
Weight: 2,350 g
Length: 550 mm
Capacity: 110 rds
Power: 360 fps
Motor: m120 high speed
Battery Size: 8.4v large
Shooting Mode: Semi, Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$273.90

Out of Stock


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A wonderful CQB weapon - that's what this G&P Stubby Killer is! It features their latest Stubby Front End Set, which helps keep the length down to 550mm. The HK416 Type Fixed Stock and the SPR Grip are pretty comfortable (for right-handed people). Another recent product of G&P's also features on this gun - the Zombie Killer Metal Body. The body features skull logos on both sides, with "Pray", "Psalm" and "Asperges" where safe, semi and full are normally seen. It also features a quote from the Bible: "Then he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases".


  • Stubby Front Set (GP728)
  • Zombie Killer Metal Body (GP542)
  • M16 VN Type Magazine (110rds) (GP213)
  • SPR Grip with Heat Sink End Set (Black) (GP330)
  • HK416 Type Fix Stock (Black) (GP601B)
  • Flash QD Flip Up Sight (GP228)
  • Military 600m Flip Up Rear Sight (GP254)
  • Manual

    Battery not included. Please use SAN-84V2000L85

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