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G&P Paratrooper - AEG (HOLIDAY SALE)

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Product Code: GP-AEG043
Weight: 2,432 g
Length: 540 mm
Capacity: 120 rds
Power: 285 fps
Motor: 120
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$245.00
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The layout of an AR, the internals of an M4, the rare of fire of an AEG and smaller than an MP5, the G&P M4 VSBR is exactly what it says on the tin. Clocking in at 300 fps and a stock that when locked to its shortest position is absolutely tiny, it is clearly optimized for indoor use; its compact size and low power making is safe yet its high rate of fire and accessorizing options making it a very tactical choice.

With a 16cm rail system with 4 surfaces to work with, it comes with flip-up rail attach front and rear iron sights, a 30mm red dot with high profile mount, two rail covers, a QD sling mount and a standard type rail attach vertical grip. With battery storage in the rear, a version 2 gearbox inside a metal receiver in the middle and a front end of metal less than 23cm it is heavier than SMGs but balances on a dime. The stock is six-position adjustable but we would suggest keeping it to the shortest 2 ore 3 positions for the best handling unless your longer than average arms demand otherwise.

Whether is room clearing, bunker assaulting, trench sweeping or just getting up close and personal, it is hard to argue with the logic of a compact weapon built with all the technical advantages of an M4 AEG with the solid quality and reliability of G&P. Consider perhaps getting a shorter vertical grip and magazine for an even more compact setup.