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PRODUCT DETAILS G&G Sig SG553 Electric Airsoft Rifle

G&G Sig SG553 Electric Airsoft Rifle

Product Brand:


Product Code: ESG-553-STD
Weight: 2,950 g
Length: 850 mm
Capacity: 30 rds
Power: 375 fps
Motor: G&G
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
Unit Price: USD$395.00



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G&G throws in there contender for this not so common model and what a contender it is. Officially licensed by Sig Sauer, this electric rifle's metal receiver is manufactured in the same way as the real gun and is made according to the exact blueprints as suppiled by Sig Sauer!

This rifle feels extremely real and is weighted just like the real gun, with the same fiber inlaid polymer material used on the real gun. The ergonomic compactness, rubberized pad on the polymer folding stock and smooth facets and lines make for a Carbine length weapon that leaves little to be desired for the assault type player looking to stay on the move. The bolt lock, though aesthetic only, does manually lock with a catch and the ride of bolt return is crisp, firm and solid making for a sexy bolt release. It also pulls back all the way just like on the real gun.

The weapon comes with a short style standard cap magazine of the normal kind (so getting more magazine of the same of different type is easy), the short style suiting this weapon better, particularly when wielded with stock folded but the highly pointable barrel makes the protrusion probably more suitably wielded as a shouldered carbine with stock folded out. The integrated flip-up style sights are incredibly simple but effective with the rear sight even folding down flush with rail to sit under and out of the way from any mounted optics. A sighting variety offering a slightly eccentric alternative back-up which harkens to a brotherhood of proud non-Armalite weapons.

The ROF is decent out of the box, a little higher then average and at 375 fps it is squarely in the region of skirmish ready but of course should you find the desire to modify beyond the norm then its compatible internals will be more then accommodating when you turn to Redwolf custom services to hook you up. That said, 375 fps with a decent rate of fire in a weapon of this sort is nothing to scoff at, more then enough for a close to mid range assault type AEG.

If you are in the market for a SIG 55X series weapon then G&G is a serious contender. The various different versions replicate different type of SIG 55X with their varying lengths and details to suit different needs and tastes.

User Note: Battery connection type is a large tab, this will require a small battery with large connector or an adapter. This AEG takes the Kong Power 1900 mAh 22C 7.4v - Split Pack, be sure to order the right battery for this gun as a vast majority of batteries will not fit in the handguard.

Check out this picture of a real steel SIG 553 to compare the finish quality! G&G went to extra lengths to ensure the manufacturing process and finish is as real as possible.