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G&G RK103 (Summer Sale)

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Product Code: GG-AEG-RK103
Weight: 3,200 g
Length: 980 mm
Capacity: 600 rds
Power: 350 fps
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$325.00
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This G&G RK103 is mainly composed of magnesium, zinc, AL6061, steel and impact resistance ABS plastic. Cycling the metal charging handle is pure music as a lot of emphasis was put on it in the design. Pull the stiff bolt back and let it go - the solid and heavy bolt flies forward firmly with a resounding CLUNK that is very gratifying and impressive. We usually only see this kind of cocking mechanism on replica non-firing guns. Great thanks to G&G for making this available on a firing airsoft gun! Metal parts include barrel assembly, bolt, trigger, firing selector and range adjustable sights, and upper / lower receiver. The entire rifle is metal except for the composite foregrip and rear stock. Metal sling mounts allow attachment of sling. Accommodates a large battery in fixed stock. 600rd wind-up magazine included so you don't need constantly change magazines. All dimensions are true to the real steel, with a narrow fixed stock that mimics the same dimensions as the AKM composite stock. This is one menacing looking rifle! Much improved gearbox over the 1st generation type, this new 3rd generation gearbox is solid and is much more air-tight to provide consistent power, accuracy and reliability.

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