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G&G L85A2

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Product Code: GG-AEG-L85A2
Weight: 3,780 g
Length: 758 mm
Capacity: 450 rds
Power: 380 fps
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$390.00

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The L85A2 was a revision of the earlier L85A1, which was intended to fix the teething problems that plagued the gun of British Army. One of the initial complaints about the original was that it didn't feature a magazine release catch guard, which meant that the release catch could easily be caught by the soldiers clothing/attire, therefore unwittingly ejecting the mag. Thus the A2 version features a mag release catch guard to prevent such a thing from occurring. Another issue was the ejection jams, which was commonly attributed to the shape of the cocking handle deflecting spent cartridges back into the port. A new shape cocking handle was used for the A2 to prevent it from happening. Of course, as you may well know, the A2 wasn't a perfect weapon by far, that it rightly deserves to be. As Andy McNab made analogous, the SA80 is a Rolls Royce, albeit a prototype one.

This G&G L85A2 is an aesthetic replica of the L85A2, with the magazine release catch guard as featured on the real one, as well as the A2 revised cocking handle. It still features the spec of the A1 from G&G. It is compatible with Marui M4/M16 mags and features a blowback mechanism, which has improvements over the previous A1 from G&G with a security plate added for improved functionality. Other internal modifications include modified pistons - the second tooth has been removed to reduce the risk of premature engagement which caused problems with the original G&G L85A1.

- New Type Gearbox
- Automatic Recoil Bolt
- Functional Bolt Catch
- Realistic Field Stripping
- Realistic Gas Piston
- CNC Machined AL6061 One-Piece Outer Barrel
- Stamped Sheet Steel Body with Heat Treatment
- Nylon Fiber Handguard, Grip, Cheekpiece
- Rubber Butt Plate
- Grip storage for tool kit

Note that the STAR SUSAT sight will not fit onto the scope rail of this gun. Scope rail is 19.5mm wide and accomodates scopes where the scope rail clamp can open beyond 20mm wide. Non-threaded barrel does not allow installation of a threaded silencer.

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