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PRODUCT DETAILS G&G FF26 Electric Blowback - AEG

G&G FF26 Electric Blowback - AEG

Product Brand:


Product Code: EGR-G26-F26-FBB-NCM
Weight: 2,478 g
Length: 685 mm
Capacity: 320 rds
Power: 0 fps
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
Unit Price: USD$275.00
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Oh My God!!! It's so Pink!!! It's a pink M4. I am actually stunned looking at this AEG. Never judge a book by it's cover though. This may seem like you'll lose masculinity by touching it but its features and functionality are very much like all the other AEG M4s out there.

One thing that did surprise me is how easy it is to use. The extendable stock tube required very little effort to pull back. This goes for the charging handle, taking out and inserting the magazine, evening flipping up the front sight. All-in-all, it looks like candy. I know it has nothing to do with it but that's all I can think about looking at it.

It does need a 11.1V Lipo battery for it to have a higher ROF since a 7.4v Lipo makes the AEG sound like a cat coughing up its hair. The 11.1V Lipo makes it sound much more satisfying but you'll need to upgrade it for it to function without it fizzing out on you.

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